Updated 16th May, 2024

We are gradually migrating our sales channel to our Etsy shop:
Buy At CGDynamix.etsy.com
We target to complete the migration before October 2024. Starting from now, new products will only be sold on Etsy.
Specal requsts or bulk orders, customers are welcomed to contact us directly by email: cgdynamix@gmail.com

New products:

1/144 46' German Flak E 50 5.5cm Flakzwilling (Krupp)

Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


1/144 46' German 5.5cm Flakzwilling (Krupp) Flakpanther turret
for Conversion

Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


Updated products:

1/144 46'
Flak E 50 5.5cm Flakzwilling (Rheinmetall)
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


1/144 46' German 5.5cm Flakzwilling (Rheinmetall) Flakpanther turret
for Conversion

Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


10th May, 2024

Updated products::

1/144 46' German
E 50 Standard Tank
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


1/144 46' German E 75 Standard Tank
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


6th April, 2024

Updated products::
Besides designing new products, we also worked on improving our previouse products. Such as our seven pieces Depot Accessories, which almost new designed; and Fl-282 v-15 B-1, now comes with transparent glazing.

1/144 Wargame accessories - Depot Accessories, Set of 7

Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


1/144 WWII German Fl-282 "Kolibri" v15 B-1
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


23rd March, 2024

1/144 WWII German SdKfz. 7 Fire Control Vehicle for V2
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


9th March, 2024

1/144 WWII German A-Stoff Anhänger 6
(Liquid Oxygen Tank) for V2 rockets

Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


5th March, 2024

1/144 WWII German Kleiner Feldwagen Hf. 3
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com


21st February, 2024

1/144 von Braun Interceptor. Four products!
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com

von Braun Interceptor First Version With Flight Stand
von Braun Interceptor

von Braun Interceptor First Version With Launch Trailer
von Braun Interceptor

von Braun Interceptor First Version Twin Seater With Flight Stand
von Braun Interceptor

von Braun Interceptor First Version Twin Seater With Launch Trailer
von Braun Interceptor

27th January 2024

1/144 "DugIn II" Micro Diorama
Available on cgdynamix.etsy.com

2nd January 2024

First new product of the year 2024::
1/144 "Kursk" Mini Diorama Base


16th December 2023

1/144 46' German Heavy Assault Motorcycle, AKA "Kugelpanzer"
4 vehicles Kit
1/144 Kugelpanzer
1/144 Kugelpanzer

1/144 "Secret Depot" Micro Diorama
Perfect to display your Kugelpanzers and even Sci-Fi models
1/144 Secret Depot Micro Diorama

1/144 Secret Depot Micro Diorama

Previous News:

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D-Day 2022 Special!! 1/144 US Waco Glider

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Pegasus Bridge (Static Version) now on sale!
1/144 Pegasus Bridge Resin Version
Come with 14 British Airborne figures!!

While Stock Last!
Special Edition

We updated some of our "METAL BARRELS for WWII German 2cm Flakvierling 38 and 2cm Kwk 38" products with photos of painted models.

Machined to true 1/144 scale. Available alone and/or with vehicles.

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See new photos from our customer Mr. Tom Dixon on his D-Day project.

More photos of usage of our products sent in by Mr. Tom Dixon.
Click the photo to see details:


Special Announcement.

Due to COVID issues, airmail service to a lot of countries has been suspended by the Hong Kong Post Office, again. This include the US, Canada, France, Austraila and some others. We'll try to ship via airmail services wherever it is available. Where airmail service is not available, we will use surface mail instead. Customers who are not comfortable with this, please email us before placing your order.

Customers can also order unpainted models directly from Shapeways and the product will be produced in the US or EU and shipped directly from there. If you have models that you want but not yet available on there, please contact us to get those uploaded as first priority. Our Shapeways shop:

As of 28th Novemeber 2020, selective Micro Dioramas are also available for ordering on Shapeways.

Introducing our new Resin-GT for armour vehicles. Exceptional strength and smooth surface. Sand, drill, glue and paint like regular casting resin.

Enjoy our new website design and safe shopping.

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