Wehrmacht '46
1:144 German Super Heavy Tank
"Maus II"
Ausf B

Battle Ready Version

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"Maus" - The Super Heavy Tank "Maus" project began with a meeting between Hitler, Speer and Porsche in June 1942. Two prototypes were built but unconfirmed sources claimed that there might be five prototypes built before the war ended. The surviving exhibit in Kubinka Museum has the hull of the first prototype and turret form the second prototype.

Battle Ready Treatment - Since the Maus was still in prototype stage before the war ended, this model was designed with enhancements to reflect what the tank would look if it went into mass production "Sperber" night vision device.

As Hitler critized the prototype Porshe turret mounting the 128mm gun as a toy, and insisted on a heavier 150mm or even 175mm gun, the turret was replaced with a Tiger II styled turret with Infarot device for the commander. This turret design eliminated the "shot trap" present in the Porshe Maus design.

The 1000L fuel tank on the first prototype was intended for a flame thrower as secondary weapon insisted by the Wehrmacht. The request was cancelled soon afterward. A rack for jerry cans and tool boxes for maintenance were installed instead.

(Diorama, other vehicles and figures NOT included)


Made in Hong Kong.