Wehrmacht '46
1:144 Leichter Waffenträger 38D
with Munitionswagen Conversion Kit

Colour Options

3 Color Disruptive Camouflaged

This tank is fully painted in 3 Color Disruptive Camouflaged scheme, and weathered. Minor assembling required.

This model is made with ABS-L using 3D printing.
Click here to learn more about ABS-L material.
Painted samples show model made with Game Grade material.

Goes together well with our Flak 18 or Pak 43 Crews Sets.

This set includes a 1:144 Leichter Waffenträger 38D, a Cargo Bay, a Cruciform Mount, and one each of *New* Payload and Oil Drum sets. You can convert the set into a Pak 43 anti tank gun on cruciform mount and a Munitionswagen 38D.

For a brief description of the development of Leichter Waffenträger or Leichte Einheitswaffenträger ( Light Standardized Weapon Carriage),
click here


(Diorama and figures NOT included)
(Photos showed Game Grade models)

Waffenträger in Field Gun mode.

Waffenträger in Anti Tank Gun mode
Conversion to Pak 43 and Munitionswagen 38D

Not "N" scale or 1:160.

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Made in Hong Kong.