1:144 Kampfgruppe144 X CGD
Black Label Series
“VOMAG” Command Car
“Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I”

(VOMAG Command Vehicle with Kommando-Gerät 36 Targeting Computer and Range Finde)

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This is a new “VOMAG” Command Car “Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I” from the new Kampfgruppe144 Black Label Series. Manufactured for Kampfgruppe144 (UK) by CGD (HK) . This vehicle is fully painted in Panzer Grey scheme, weathered. Minor assembling required.

World Exclusive: Kampfgrupe144 one of the most globally recognised names in the 1/144 modelling and collecting community launches the Black Label Series.

The Black Label Series will seek to bring fresh and innovative miniatures to the collector by utilising the latest design and production techniques available to 1/144

The VOMAG Command Targeting car known as the “Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I” was based upon a modified VOMAG 88 Chassis and equipment equipped with the: Kommando-Gerät 36 (Primary rangefinder and mechanical analogue computer for directing anti-aircraft guns)

Notes on Targeting Computers:
The Kommando-Gerät 36 is a goniographic director, thus differing from directors which operate on plan prediction or angular travel methods. The computer measures the target course and speed and solves the problem by setting up to scale in ground plan the various distances involved. Ballistic data is obtained from graphical drums; varying heights are accepted, and corrections can be applied for wind, drift, displacement, dead time, and variations in muzzle velocity. A crew of thirteen men was required to operate it. The Kommando-Gerät 36 was manufactured by various companies including Zeiss, needless to say to a very high standards of German Engineering.

(For more information on the VOMAG and command car, go here)

This miniature has a range of interesting and unique features

1. New Ranger finder and targeting computer module (traverses 360 degrees)
2. All new command car configuration:
a. New rear chassis
b. New side panels
c. New seating & load bay area
3. Optional parts (included) to built the VOMAG command car in transportation or targeting modes.
4. Digitally mastered and produced using state of the art 3D printing technology.
5. Made with strong and flexible nylon material, extremely durable.
To learn more about the material or painting go here.
6. Individually hand painted and weathered.


Targeting Mode

Transportation Mode

(Diorama, other vehicles and figures NOT included)