1:144 Kampfgruppe144 X CGD
Black Label Series
1/144 Rammtiger (RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P)
Compatible with WTM Series 5

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Also Available: Shell Only for Conversion


This is from the new Kampfgruppe144 Black Label Series. Manufactured for Kampfgruppe144 (UK) by CGD (HK) . This is a three parts kit, including a armour shell and a plough and a chassis. Minor assembling required.

This vehicle is fully painted in Panzergrau scheme and weathered. Can be used as is or as a basis for overpainting with camouflage schemes.


World Exclusive: Kampfgrupe144 one of the most globally recognised names in the 1/144 modelling and collecting community launches the Black Label Series.

The Black Label Series will seek to bring fresh and innovative miniatures to the collector by utilising the latest design and production techniques available to 1/144

1/144 Rammtiger (RÄUMPANZER) TIGER (P)
The History

In early 1941 the German High Command requested designs for a new heavy tank, Porsche submitted a design designated the VK4501(P) and Henschel the VK4501(H) design. The rest is history, the Henschel the VK4501(H) design was selected and went on to be the world renowned mighty Tiger 1.

The result of losing the competition meant that there were an estimated 100 chassis of the planned total produced VK4501(P) without a purpose... In September of 1942 the order was given that the unsuccessful VK4501(P) chassis were to be converted and be used as to produce both a series of Bergepanzers (P) and a series of heavy assault tanks known as the Ferdinand or Elefant.

This was not to be an end to the story, as a final twist in the tale of this Tiger was the proposal to convert some of these VK4501(P) chassis to form the basis of a series of prototypes to demonstrate a capability for a new urban demolition panzer. This concept has arisen from the experiences of the Wehrmacht fighting on the streets of the Russian city of Stalingrad. It was thought that to prevent a repeat of the house to house fighting and close quarters urban conflict encountered within the streets of Stalingrad that a new way of clearing the streets and landscapes of obstacles devised.

The result being that in November of 1942 it was decided that three VK4501(P) chassis were to be modified and converted to Rammtiger (Raumpanzer) to prove the viability of the design.

There is conflicting information from various sources as to whether one of the three prototypes was actually delivered to an operational Wehrmacht unit for trials or deployment. The record however does show that three prototypes were completed by Porsche at the Niebleungwerk and signed over to the Wehrmacht for military acceptance and proving trials.

The Vehicle

The Rammtiger was based upon the standard VK4501(P)’s hull with the turret removed, over which  an armoured and streamlined upper superstructure with a reinforced prow was mounted. The main purpose of which was to demolish, or punch holes through buildings or obstacles.

The armour was 50mm on the upper surfaces and 30mm thick on the frontal glacis plate, the sides and rear. Access could be achieved by the primary rear hatch, supplemented with an auxiliary frontal access hatch.

It is also proposed that a supplemental front mounted plow (ploughshare) was to be added to assist in clearing a path though obstructed terrain and roadways.

The VK4501(P) retained its front mounted defensive MG. It is thought that the vehicle was to be operated by a basic crew of a driver and an additional crew member.


This miniature has a range of interesting and unique features

1. All new superstructure design
2. All new street clearance plough (option)
3. All new VK4501 Tiger (P) lower chassis
4. Compatible with Takara WTM Series 5 German Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P) VK4501 (#80, #81, #82)
5. Digitally mastered and produced using state of the art 3D printing technology.
6. Made with strong and flexible nylon material, extremely durable.
To learn more about the material or painting go here.
7. Individually hand painted and weathered.
(Diorama, other vehicles and figures NOT included)