Wehrmacht '46
1:144 German Jagdpanzer 38 D
on Waffenträger Chassis

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This vehicle is fully painted in Dunkelgelb scheme. Weathered and no assembling required.

Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 (dark yellow) was used by WWII Germans as base coat for their vehicles starting from 1943. Field units were given tins of Rotbraun RAL 8017 (red brown) and Olivgruen RAL 6003 (dark olive green) paste concentrate to create camouflage patterns suitable for local conditions.

This model painted in Dunkelgelb can be used as is for the European theater or in North African desert. It can also be a good starting point for painting your own camouflaged scheme as the Germans did in the fields.

This model is a three part model with 2 detachable Schurzen (Side skirt armour).

38D - In October 1944 German Panzerkommission decided to standardize future Panzer production to use only 3 types of chassis, the 38 (t), Panther and Tiger. Unfortunately the 38 (t) chassis was poorly suited for production by German industries and supply seriously fell short of the demand. A new leichter (light) chassis was redesigned for German production based on the 38 (t). The new chassis would be wider and mounting a new 220 hp Tatra diesel engine. The new chassis was named as 38 D, also known as Pz. 38 “Reich”.

Leichter Waffenträger or Leichte Einheitswaffenträger (Light Standardized Weapon Carriage) was developed based on the new chassis
for more information click here).

The Jagdpanzer 38 D on Waffenträger Chassis was designed based on the larger 38D Waffenträger chassis and armed with 8.8cm Pak 43 L/71.



(Diorama, other vehicles and figures NOT included)

Not "N" scale or 1:160.

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Product of Hong Kong.