1:144 German 88mm Pak 43 L/71
on Cruciform

Colour Options


This model is fully painted in Camouflaged colour scheme, assembled and weathered.

This model is made with ABS-L using 3D printing.
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This 1:144 German 88mm Pak 43 L/71 on Cruciform features a anti tank 88mm Pak 43 L/71 specially modified during the development of the Leichter Waffenträger (Leichte Einheitswaffenträger) 88mm Pak 43 L/71 (Ardelt I) and can elevate to a 40 – 45 degree angle so that it can double as a field gun. And not to forget the 88's original role as AA gun, so this gun wcould be a triple role platform.
(Gun Crew NOT included)

Not "N" scale or 1:160.

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Product of Hong Kong.