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1:144 WWII German

55mm Flak Panther Turret for Conversion


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This turret is for converting existing 1:144 Takara or Dragon Panther tanks into Flak Panthers.

The 55mm Flak Panther was a "Paper Project". That means it never got past the drawing board phase. But it is still an exciting model to have and an excellent chance to boost up you Anti Air capability if you are playing "What if" wargames.

This is a 3 part unpainted model kit including a turret body, a twin 55mm gun and an "O"-ring.

The gun is a snap on item which allows it to elevate freely:

Turret pivot is 3mm in diameter. The "O"-ring is to enlarge the diameter to 5mm. So the model can fit both Takara or Dragon Panthers, and should also work with other versions from other suppliers.

What you can do with this turret:

Basically, you can use this turret to upgrade your ordinary Panthers into Flak Panthers, and use the Panther turrets as guns for Pantherturm.


Use it for Flak Pantherturm:

Shown here are fully painted and weathered turret fixed onto existing Takara Panther hull (yellow) and Dragon Panther hull (green) The hulls have not been repainted). What you are buying is UNPAINTED turret ONLY.
(Tank hull NOT included):