1:144 British WWII
Churchill Crocodile Frame-thrower Tank
Colour Options
Olive Green

Olive Green

This tank is fully painted in Green Color scheme, weathered and no assembling required.

This tank was a member of "Hobart's Funnies" which took part in the Normandy landing in 1944. The Crocodile was modified from the Churchill VII tank with the hull machine gun replaced with a flamethrower, towing an armoured trailer with 400 Imperial gallons (1,800 litres) of fuel behind.

For a brief description of the development of 1:144 WWII British Churchill Crocodile Flame-thrower Tank,
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(Diorama and figures NOT included)

Not "N" scale or 1:160.

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Product of Hong Kong.