1:144 German
Berge Panther SdKfz 179 Conversion Kit
for intermediate to advance modellers

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This conversion kit is fully painted in Panzergrau scheme. Intermediate to advance modelling technique required.

This conversion set contains 13 parts. The set is designed for converting Takara/Dragon Panthers to Berge Panthers Ausf A or Ausf G. The conversion features a movable anchoring spade; one pulley with hook; one winch cable guide; a set of four cable arrangements to assemble the vehicle in traveling mode, 40 ton extraction mode and 80 ton extraction mode; bumpers and dummy cable connectors. (Modellers might need to remove parts from the chassis to make way for the conversion kit.)

  Winch housing
  Crew compartment cover
  2cm KwK 38
  Winch cable guide
  Anchor spade hinge
  Anchor spade
  Pulley for for 80 ton extraction mode
  Dummy cable connector
  Front bumper
  Winch cable for 80 ton extraction mode
  Cable assembly for 40 ton extraction mode
  Tow cable for 80 ton extraction mode


  Winch cable for travelling mode
(Demonstration photo shows conversion kit applied to Takara Panther housing)

1:144 German Berge Pather Conversion Kit is modelled after the BergePanther Ausf A and Ausf G, one of the best recovery vehicle. Ausf D has no winch and have the turret hole covered with wood planks. Extra seats for crew was provided behind the driver and co-driver covered by canvas.

At the heart of the vehicle was a 40 ton winch. On its own the vehicle could provide a 40 ton force to pull out bogged down medium tanks.
(Demonstration photo shows conversion kit applied to Takara Panther housing)

But using a simple block & tackle pulley system, the extraction force could be doubled to 80 ton, enough to pull out disabled heavy tanks. The first pulley of the block and tackle system was cleverly incorporated into the winch mechanism. Operator only required to attach a single pulley looping back the cable to the anchoring spade to complete the system.

The anchoring spade was of crucial importance in the operation. Without the spade digging deep into the ground, the Berge Panther will be pulled towards the bogged vehicle instead.
When travelling, the winch cable could be used to hold the spade in a raised position.



Not "N" scale or 1:160.

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Product of Hong Kong.