Wehrmacht '46
55mm Flak Pantherturm

Flak Turret Grey

- Panzer Grey Color Scheme

The Pantherturm may be the deadliest defense weapon introduced by the Germans in WWII, where a Panther tank turret was put into a concrete/wood/steel sub-structure as a gun emplacement.

The 55mm Flak Panther however, was a "Paper Project". That means it never got past the drawing board phase. But it is still an exciting model to have and an excellent chance to boost up you Anti Air capability if you are playing "What if" wargames.

Combining these two elements gives you the 55mm Flak Pantherturm.

This kit is features a concrete sub structure designed similar to those used in the West Wall. A line of vegetation was grown in front of the emplacement for added concealment. A 55mm Flak Panther turret is used instead of a panther turret to give you AA capability and also excellent for ground defense against soft skins and personnel.

The kit contains two parts: a painted gun emplacement and painted and weathered 55mm Flak Panther turret in Panzer Grey painting scheme.

The Flak Panther turret features 360 degree horizontal rotation and more than 90 degrees vertical elevation. The turret is removable, so you can use it to modify your Panthers and use the Panther turrets for the Pantherturm.

Create Your Own Diorama or Fight Your Wargame Battles
with this 1:144 WWII German 55mm Flak Pantherturm. Highly detailed and realistic. Specially designed for creating dioramas or wargame battlefields.

The emplacement is made with resin, fully painted and weathered and ready for battle. Each model is individually hand painted.
100% Made in Hong Kong.

The Flak Panther turret is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology to the highest detail. Individually hand painted and weathered.
Product of Hong Kong. (Digital printing in The Netherlands)

Not "N" scale or 1:160.