1:144 Accessories For Mega Town
Brick building for Mega Town

This is a new 1:144 Brick Building for Mega Town to be use together with 1:144 Mega Diorama "Mega Town". This set contains one shell-torn brick building . Can also be used standalone on wargame table or incorporate into custom dioramas.

Building is roughly 57mm W X 33mm D X 60mm H

This set is casted with resin, individually fully hand painted, and can be used as-is for 1:144 Mega Diorama "Mega Town" or by wargamers who needed an realistic setting. Experienced modelers can also incorporate it into custom dioramas.

It is a great accessory piece for your wargame battlefield and works perfectly with other accessories and soldiers form us and your collection of Dragon or Takara tanks.

Also suitable for N scale and 12mm dioramas and wargaming.

(Mega Town Diorama Base Not Included)

H is 1:144 Brick Building for Mega Town

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