GRID A1C3 - 'Stronghold'

9 piece Diorama Set

The first of a series of CANDY TOY type diorama. Specially made for 1:144 (also suitable for N Scale models ) Dragon Cando Micro Armour and Takara World Tank Museum series of candy toys. These individually hand casted and hand painted dioramas provide a perfect home for your micro armour collections. Designed in Hong Kong!
9 styles made up the whole set. Each style featured a diorama of 3 inches by 3 inches, which can be displayed individually, but when placed together, form a large 3 X 3 (9 inches X 9 inches) grid diorama. The diorama is painted in summer color scheme.

Some styles also contained a set of photo etched tank obstacles to enhance your diorama.

Limited production of 300 units, each set is marked with an unique serial number. The diorama is shipped in a box set containing all 9 styles. Each diorama in a set is marked with the same serial number. While customers can purchase individual styles from different sets, customers who purchase a full set or wanted to combine different styles to form a larger diorama is advised to make sure that the serial number of each style is the same. Due to the fact that each set is produced by hand individually, only styles with the same serial number can fit together comfortably.