Using our expertise in creating 1:144 micro dioramas, we bring you our first 1:48 dioramas. These individually hand casted and hand painted dioramas provide a perfect home for your armor model collections. 100% made in Hong Kong!

Available in 4 color schemes, the diorama depicts a section of an hexagonal dugin position, ideal for using as gun emplacement, depot for tanks or personnel.

The diorama base measures 7 1/4" X 7 1/4" (185mm X 185mm).

A 1/48 Tamiya SU122 with the winter version.
(Tanks and soldiers not included)

Enough free space for you to put in fuel drums, ammo crates or personnel.

Although designed for 1/48 scale in mind, care has been taken to avoid any visual clue that betrays it's original scale. So the diorama can be easily be adapted for other scales such as 1/72, 1/60, 1/50 or even for 1/35 small vehicles.

As the construction method of the dugin is rather primitive and can be used in any time era, care has also been taken to avoid visual clue that betrays the time frame of its construction. So the diorama can be used for modern warfare or even cowboys and Indians! :)
Shown here is a 1/72 figures and tanks with the 1/48 desert version
(Tanks and soldiers not included)
Shown here is a 1/48 autumn version with 1/35 Russian soldiers taking a rest.
(Soldiers not included)